Saturday, November 12, 2011

The end of day 3. The koalas!

 Dusk falls on us as we enter a road, leading to the Aire river East camping ground. We are extra careful: all kinds of animals stir in the bush exactly at this time of the day.
Suddenly-a wild koala, sitting almost in the middle of the road. It looked somewhat puzzled. A very comical expression!
It takes us some time to break and get out of the car. Meanwhile the animal hops towards near by trees and gets up one of them. A koala can move rather fast when it wants to.
  Up it goes!
 It's eyes looked wider then the ones of koalas we've seen from far away, in the safety of high trees. It was a bit scared, I think.
 We didn't stay under the tree for long. Just took some pictures as souvenirs. Thank You!
 But a big surprise awaits minutes later. A wild koala so close, one could reach it. A few children were feeding it some eucalyptus leaves! It looked sleepy and didn't mind us at all.
 Our camp. See the plastic sheets wrapped around the tree trunks? We think it's anti possum/koala thing.
   We spent the night at the banks of Aire river.
 A typical view the next morning.
Laurius's photo hunting again...

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Anonymous said...

Amazing amazing amazing! Made my day:) aciu uz koalas ir rusvo ruko nuotraukas!