Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 3...probably...

 Looks like a place my boyfriend would appreciate ! James Dean has a forehead problem. I think, Marilyn as well...
We had a nice pack of road tripping music. Each time we've reached some small, in the middle of nowhere town, the track on the stereo would suddenly turn out to be the perfect drive trough background music. I've never been to USA, but it looks (and feels, because of the music)just like it.
 One needs to sneak up on things constantly. This is what I was aiming at.
 Pay attention to the ring on the base of the tail. It means the lizard has lost it's tail some time ago and a new one has grown back.
 Seagulls follow us everywhere...

 At last The Great Ocean Road lives up to it's name...

 A cuttlefish bone. My finches nibble at these for minerals and other useful stuff. Should I bring these home?
This doesn't look amazing at the moment. But all the stuff, washed up by the ocean seemed new and different at that time.
Different formations start to appear. 
Some brave (grown ups, by the way) men climbed over the stone wall and headed for the knife sharp rocks. We left soon enough-in case something happens and they need help or something. 

 It was a bit warmer that day. I have been in Australia for 3 weeks and I must say I have been freezing more than enjoying hot breeze.
 At last-The Twelve Apostles (minus two of them). And with that we mark our journey through another state of Australia-Victoria.

And again, we were too cold to get down all the way to the ocean for a walk. Remember, I packed very lightly?

Very useful signs everywhere. They are so accurately illustrated and described that it makes you walk all the designated paths with uneasy heart anyway.
And more birds.
Red Wattlebird. Scientific name: Anthochaera carunculata.

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