Friday, September 23, 2011

News about plants...

Yesterday evening. Somehow South American ...
 I knew I should be careful. But I care for my plants too much . Literary. I have over watered this Argyroderma pearsonii. It's a desert plant, so it soaks up as much water as possible, when there is any water. Which , obviously doesn't happen often in a desert. So it's epidermis broke :-( I hope it survives this scar and doesn't rot. The new leaves, emerging from inside are also somewhat misshaped. All because of my love.
P.s. it even has an unhappy face.

 While dry places plants have to cope with my redundant care, miltoniopsis shrives. 
 Another tropic plant loves it here- Phlebodium aureum mandaianum,  a ´Blue Star´fern. I hope it stared growing these multifingered leaves because it's feeling great. I'll do some research on the light conditions and leaf growth...
And these are Kalanchoë delagoensis (Syn: Kalanchoë  tubiflora) babies. They got some tan out in the balcony and start to resemble their mother a bit.

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Anonymous said...

Just amazed with your unusual plants (at least to me they are). They are quite beautiful, like from another world.
I love plants, but never seem to get it right. I'm thinking now that maybe I love them too much... time to take a step back.
Lovely Sunday,