Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Reptiles with beautiful names

Non native turtle species were spotted in Lithuanian waters. One of them- the red-eared slider.  People buy tiny cute turtles and later, when the pet becomes a 27 cm monster, gets rid of it. Usually by "setting it free" in some meadow.
This one is capable of surviving our winter.
A native snake. It's called a yellow cheeked snake in Lithuanian. But people usually recognize it from it's yellow "ears". 

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Ieva said...

Geltonskruostį žaltį žmonės dar atpažįsta ir pagal kvapą, nes smirda, o dieve, kaip siaubingai!:D Jei sugebi pagauti gyvūnėlį, tai tos smarvės nuo rankų neina nusiplauti iki kitos dienos:D Nepaisant šito, gyvūnėlis labai gražus:)