Saturday, August 20, 2011

Venus plant becoming fat

This year seems to be the year of wasps. I can't have my breakfast out in the balcony! They aren't just curious about the food. Sometimes it seems as if they want to know what are these dark brown spots on my back. And that's not cool cause I can't see the damn bugs. I don't want to sit back and squish it against the back of the chair. And get stung. 
There was one unlucky  wasp out of many who got inside the apartment. It has been hitting the window glass with it's forehead for a while. Well, I will help it out later, I thought and went about my business. Later that day the wasp was gone. Mmmm, smart fella I thought.
And today I find this... A whole wasp, eaten up. By a plant. Cool, I thought to myself again. But then it made me thing about a movie, called "The little shop of horrors"...

And the starlings are still filling their fat supplies at extreme pace. They will need it soon- a long journey awaits. I just hope they are capable to fly when the time comes.

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