Friday, March 10, 2017

Orchid show in Tartu botanical garden 2017

 This year I visited the annual orchid exhibition in the Tartu botanical garden again.
 It somehow seemed there were less blossoming orchids this year. But I saw different plants blossoming. Like the Laelia harpophylla below. I have it too and was glad to see it in reality at last. Such lovely small flowers with the unreal color.

 This year the orchids were displayed playfully in the old window frames.
 This Oncidium is on my wish list. The petals are big and the bright yellow and dark brown contrast make them seem like some insects hovering in the air.

 Suddenly there were two displays of  carnivorous plants.

 There was also the most beautiful orchid competition. I have three of my own participating.

 There was this gigantic Cymbidium. Omg, it was huge! No flowers though. I imagine they would be quite spectacular.

 My Oncidium nanum opened all it's flowers in the botanical gardens. I hope it won't get too attached to the humid and hot greenhouse.
 The permanent resident.

 Don't miss the exhibition if you are in Estonia, it's only until Sunday!

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