Sunday, March 12, 2017

Orchid show in Tallinn botanical gardens 2017

 I spent all day in Tallinn yesterday. Visited The applied art and design museum, a couple of galleries and the botanical garden.
This post is about the latter. Be prepared for an orchid image overload!
 It is funny how orchids sometimes act like biennial plants. Last year it was the orchid show in Tartu that won my sympathies. But this year it is Tallinn that put on a bigger show.

 I remember some of the plants from last year, but there were many I saw for the first time.

 The oriental decorations were rather nice!

 The Cymbidium was the most prolific bloomer this time.

 I love Miltonias for their shape and odd scent. But we have a difficult relationship.

 I could not get my eyes off of these fat Coelogyne cristata.

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