Friday, August 19, 2016

Traveling around Estonia. Part 1

 First of all, I own half a cat. Me and my husband's brother brought it from a shelter. This cat is probably one of the most petting addicted cats I have ever seen. Well, at least he doesn't jump onto the lap.
 Hiding behind a stuffed bird on top of a book shelf on a second day. He is much more of a boss in the house now. But still, long way to go, compared to the old cat.
 So, we had a bit of a marathon in July. Two weeks of day travels. The timing was really good, because we were able to visit lots of churches that are usually closed to the public. This has to do with pilgrimage days here in Estonia. I even got a map with all the former and present churches listed. Most photos are taken with my phone as my lens is not the best for interior photography. Check my Instagram for those.
 One of the rare fully wooden churches. This one from Seliste.
It was made in Riga, and brought here over the ice. I am speechless how tough the old times people were.

 Then we visited a really cool school. It used to be a manor. Still is, just used for different purposes. Check out Tõstamaa Mõis. It has a spectacular staircase. Also a cellar working as a space for exhibitions. Unfortunately the upper floors were off the limits.
Some images are taken from Instagram.

 Kool (cool?) is school in Estonian.
 Up next is a really cool church in Tõstamaa. It felt as if entering a gigantic boat. The wooden 
painted ceiling was almost a mirror reflection of the floor. I never
get tired of these minimalist Lutheran wooden interior churches.

Another unbelievable Lavasaare church.
The roof had menacing holes, the altar was this basic composition of candles, a cross, a vine crawling around a furnace and a birds nest. Surreal to say the least.

 Later we rushed into the Lavasaare railway museum to be just on time for a old train ride.
All stuff was rusty and decaying. But if you like a bit rustic stuff, this place might be worth visiting.
 I think I might have been riding this train to Kaunas when I was still in school. Am I old or what?!

 Wow, in just one generation people got way taller. I can't imagine cramming in a bunch of modern youth in this space for a couple of hours ride.

Just like in a subway train? One problem-they didn't have smartphones to hide in back then! 

 Oh, I will write about our trip underground in a few days. 78 meters! We were riding this kind of minors train underground. Claustrophobic as hell. So tiny!
 Ah, the railway museum. See, no buttons or dials already then!
 Later - a stop in Varbla, to check out the wooden manor. Unbelievable room with high ceiling! Tall people in Varbla...tall indeed... 
How did they manage to avoid the chandelier from getting up into their nostrils? 

 Some bits from a town called Tori.
We were looking for the famous Estonian heavy weight horses, but found instead some famous boats.
The one piece, solid carved boats. 
 I think Rapunzel lives there...
 Nope, this ain't what you think it is. This is a moment of being a mushroom.
 I don't know why they are being so dramatic, but this place is Called Tori Hell. The only thing that distantly reminded of hell was a faint smell of urine in one of the bigger caves. Otherwise it looks more like a wall of fame. With all the names and dates carved into the sand walls. Some are really old.  And of course, they are all couple's names. 
I wrote about this place in another post from last year. It's just that this is a very impressive place to me. I always want to go back there.
 A flat flat insect.
I spotted a couple of grey cranes having a stroll in the woods.  We were heading to Sooma national park, to hit one of the many trails. 
These birds are really careful. Will never let you take a decent shot.
By the time I got out of the car and ran the right direction in a half crouching position, they managed to fly away from a totally different angle!
 On the trail.

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