Tuesday, June 28, 2016

 Last week was crazy busy! But truly great. It started with a trip to Tallinn. Hanna and me visited the local zoo. Thanks to the pull carts I circled it in two hours (in a hurry).
Next day we headed for Pärnu. Had a quiet, pleasant St. Johns eve with a medium size fire. There were so many fires being made that our tent was covered in ash the next morning.

 I plan to visit this Art Nouveau style cafe each time I am in Pärnu, but then I decide it's too fancy with white table cloth and everything.
A mummified bird chick. Well, ants need to eat too.
 The next day we head North and stop at Paide. We went into this castle tower to have a ride in a time machine. All 9 floors had a theme from different times in Estonia. Children got a bit scared in places, but the overall idea was cool. A bit too amateurishly executed, but still fun. Pay a visit if you happen to be near by!

 A scene from early XX century. A woman hiding her lover while the husband is already at the door... Very significant event.
 On the top of the tower.  A home to a pigeon chick.
 A time machine from a film. 
We leave Paide and start driving through small wood roads. Finally we end up in a place completely surrounded by nature. Just mooses and wolves are out there.

A big one. I think it shoots musk or something. Better to leave it alone. Oh, and there's a mosquito on my finger too!

Sunday trip to Jäneda manor. There was a lovely lake and even lovelier creek, full of water lilies. Odd to see them in a forest.

The  building was built 1913-1915 in an eclectic Art Nouveau style with strong neo-Gothic influences. Pity, it's accompanied by an ugly health complex, built during soviet era.
Can't wait for my next trip around Estonia!

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