Monday, June 20, 2016

A bit of Estonia or plants and bugs

 There is this old cemetery I sometimes choose to pass on my way to the city. I must say it makes me feel much better than the town without any friends. Yep,I still miss Vilnius a great deal.
 Anyway, this place is all lush green with millions of birds and bent over grannies weeding the graves. My favorite spots are the water pump with tit chicks as residents (they have probably left the nest by now) and graves submerged in tall ferns.
 This one here is a very impressive grave monument. A tiny chapel or something.
 The wall of a food store. The building looks like a honeycomb to me. Or perhaps an abstract origami.
 Doors in a church. Not the main ones though. And the sea is 2,5 hours away. 
 Most of the time those old houses are worth admiring. But sometimes I just wonder why nobody at least repaints some of them. Not just to make them more appealing, but to preserve the wood, too.
 Probably a place where they use to dissect animals.
 And bare with me now if you are not a big plant lover. The botanical garden blew my mind again. It was cramped with plants. Color and scents on every corner. Worth visiting every week, as new flowers open.
 Succulents with amazing color and flower stalks. My first love before orchids. Still is, actually.
 Just a nice corner under some big leaves. That's where mosquitoes hide, believe me!
 Cypripedium orchids.
 I couldn't see the name of this one, but it was surrounded by garlic and onions. Huge flower stalks!
There, more wild orchids.

 And we visited a skiing/downhill resort in K├╝tiorg last Saturday. It's actually a kind of crater or a hole, rather than hills. Lifts were available, but due to a storm there was no electricity. So the guys had to push their downhill bikes all the way up.
 And me and Hanna spent all day eating wild strawberries, feeding mosquitoes (with our foreheads!) and exploring the local fauna. I even spotted a kingfisher flying away from me!

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