Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Peas, old, water, berries and Hannas art

 We've visited towns Dubingiai and Moletai one day. Not so very special, unfortunatelly.
 There was this new church being built in Dubingiai. A nice one, really!
 Blueberry picking.
 The lake Asveja is the longest in Lithuania. 22km long, but ah, so difficult to find a place to bathe. 
Wow, this post is all complaints.
I am really trying to have a day without no complaints, but even if I manage to have one, I don't notice.
We used to sit in a bar and complain about plenty of things with my friend. But then she moves to Australia and tells me, that in Australia people just walk away in the middle of conversation if one starts complaining. Heals you immediately, doesn't it? 
Well, I think complaining is a very northern thing. I used to live in Sweden, people complain there a lot too, but about different stuff.
 Hanna painted this. There is another one with almost identical lines and composition, just in black and red.
 My mother's in law flowers.

 And some cool vintage outside furniture!
Grandma's peas. I miss walking out in the garden and picking for stuff for the breakfast. Going to market for groceries is not even close.


Loretukas said...

Flowers and Hannas haircut looks the same :) nice

Reda said...

Haha, nice you noticed it too. Probably difficult to miss!