Monday, July 27, 2015

Glass containers, micro flowers and other fun stuff

 Again the most recent orchid addition-leptotes bicolor with a pinguicula for a neighbor. The latter one is commonly known as the butterwort, a genus of carnivorous plants.
And at last i own an orchidarium! It used to be a home to a praying mantis. A sister to my incest, which has mysteriously disappeared from his container.
There is only two orchids in there so far. It's the tiny lepanthes, hanging on the fern pot. And a ludicia discolor.
I have also put a tropical succulent in there. 
I need to solve the light problem , and probably put a fan in there. though there are gaps for air circulation already.
Below - a blossom of lepanthes calodictyon. I couldn't enjoy the detail of this tiny flower with naked eye! The leaf is smaller than my thumb nail. 

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