Thursday, August 21, 2014

Two nights in Venezzia

 Arriving at St. Mark's Square, Doge's Palace.
 There is a postcard view on every corner if you are lucky enough to avoid other gaping tourists in the shot.
 Very organized laundry.
 Very nice arrangements. I think I start to miss my sold plants.
 A bit different Venetian masks. At least for me. 
The day I had time for museums was Tuesday. Most of the places for my taste were closed. But i was very lucky to visit a few places where they had Architecture biennial expositions. 
I also entered a tiny tiny church, a room basically. Only the remains of the altar gave away the former purpose of it. The art piece took the whole space. I was alone, surrounded by the swaying wire construction. Deep sea indeed.
 Fancy a dental work?
 Very elegant doorway and post boxes. On the right, a piece from The architecture biennial. The architecture of Moscow during the XX century.
 Near St. Mark's square. I really liked the movie Summertime. 
And this is almost the same place. Next to the one in the photo. It is a nice feeling when you visit places you have only seen on screen and loved them.

 The reason why everybody comes here.
 After a while I lost the track of all the churches...
 Heavy rain near Rialto bridge. The two ladies continued to sit.
 One of the gondola taxis. 
 Our kitchen and the view from one of the windows.
 A piggy collection. I wonder what are those crustaceans doing here.
And an educated lion from the town of Bergamo. 

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