Saturday, August 2, 2014

Lago film festival and Vittorio Veneto

 At last I can follow my film on its trips.
This is the first one for me. Lago town in Italy. 10th Lago international film festival.
It was a wonderful experience. The films were viewed at night, after it got dark as all the screens were outside.
 There were sculptures on every corner of the old town. We have pizza for lunch here.
 Details are very important. These ladies and gentlemen hold window shutters.

 One of the cinema squares.

 Vittorio Veneto. Like a postcard. Where ever one turns.
 Can you see what's  drawn here?
 These were beautiful!
 The main square. No cinema here.
 Some tiny ferns growing on a wall. Ahh, what an enticement!
 A facade of a museum.
 Lago again. Just follow the frog.
 Vittorio Veneto and how they cool their water melons. Is it why they are called WATER melons?
  Having some supper in Vittorio Veneto with new friends. Veneto, Treviso region is known for its Prosecco wine. And yet another cinema ...hall..
 The entrance to the festival. A couple of architects make new wooden installations every year.

The streets of Lago at night. Sometimes I forgot I was outside and had to look up, to be reminded by the stars.
Lago lake. Lago in Italian is a lake...

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