Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 2 in Australia

One can't come to Australia and ignore the  possibility to feed tame kangaroos. We visited the Warrawong park. All the kangaroos were tired and hot. One almost attacked me. It made a funny hissing/growling sound and beat with the front paws in front of it while still laying on the ground. 
I call this one a hedgehog tree...

Can you believe this blossom?!
A shy local common bronzewing. Scientific name: Phaps chalcoptera.
The Australian White Ibis (Threskiornis molucca).
Even ravens look different in Australia.
And look at the Australian magpie!
Listen to it's song (internet)! It's soooo pleasant.

The Pacific Black Duck. Scientific name: Anas superciliosa. Why on earth is it black?

Australian Wood Duck. Scientific name: Chenonetta jubata. It was called "manned duck" before. Has it had a new haircut?
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Crested Pigeon. Scientific name: Ocyphaps lophotes. This one is not so shy. One can call it a real city boy...

White-naped Honeyeater.Scientific name: Melithreptus lunatus.It was too fast looking for bugs under the bark. That's why it's so blurry.

Eucalyptus grove. There was a koala sleeping in one tree. My second day in Australia and I've so much already! Another koala was even growling!
Look at Laurius sneaking up (to take a photo) on some yellow-tailed black cockatoos (look at the white arrow on the top left corner). It's a rare treat to meet this bird!
A grey fan tail in (or more on top of it?) a nest. Photo by Laurius.
The Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Cacatua galerita!!!
Laurius, mowing his lawn :-) It's around 4square meters big.

Rhododendron eyes! So many kinds!

Oh, the colours and textures!
Zantedeschia aethiopica (common names Lily of the Nile, Calla lily, Easter lily, Arum lily, Varkoor). 
Pfffff, the face.
Bird watching in Australia is exiting!


GinCherry said...

Viena mano kolege, su kuria puikiai sutariu, daugiau nei 10 metu gyveno Australijoj. Veliau grizo i Bristoli. Australijoj vis dar gyvena jos vaikai ir ji laiks nuo laiko skrenda juos aplankyti. Labai daznai pasakoja,kaip noretu ten gyventi ir kaip pasiilgsta ir niekad nesuprasdavau, kas ja ten taip traukia :) Ziuredama tavo nuotraukas suprantu kodel. Net pati noreciau apsilankyti :)

Akvilina said...

Man net salta pasidare i tave tokia susilusia ziurint! :) Sunku suvokt ju pavasari per musu rudeni :)

Bantik said...

Pagalaiu kenkugos!!:>
Ir ivairus kiti nerealus gyvunai.
Australija skamba kaip kazkas nerealaus ir nepasiekiamo.