Thursday, July 7, 2011

Succulent hospital

 For those, who care about their plants. Or want to have more!
 I posted earlier about plants, suffering from light insufficiency. They had become all leggy and ugly, also weak.
So I've done some treatment. I've cut the stems (too little I 've realized now), leaving some leaves under. But I also have removed the leaves. See below- You can see just one third of all the future babies here.
Oh, and I always put some melted wax on the fresh cuts-to prevent plants from drying out. I just have accidentally cut one plant with a hot knife. See the pic above. It doesn't look very happy.

 I let the stem tops to dry for 3-5 days and then just planted them in soil. NO moisture was needed. Soon the roots appeared. I had no space for all the leaves to be planted in pots. So I just let them lay dry on a window sill. New roots and leaves are appearing anyway.
 Look, some new plants emerging on the cut stems. And each leaf is producing a new tiny succulent!
 This one was cut down to several pieces. Just like a sausage. 
 These babies are also offspring of leaves.
Down> jade plant emerging from cut leaves. I have a whole bunch of these. One big jade plant rotted, but I had many leaves saved.


Bantik said...

koks grozis:>

Reda said...

Pabuves ar dar tik besivystantis grozis :-)

Jovita said...

Oho, Reda su skalpeliu pasidarbavo. Nu man patinka tokie postai!
O prigijo tas (nežinau pavadinimo) iš laiptinės?

Reda said...

Tai va, postinu, sakau, gal kam pravers tokia patirtis :-) Prigijo laiptininis puikiai, vaikus leidzia, Tik motina, kuri zydejo, jau vysta.
O kur tu dingai?

Jovita said...

Ai, kažkaip blogui nėr įkvėpimo. O šiaip buvo sesija, dabar remontas. Baisus dalykas kraustymasis yra, turiu pasakyti. Ypač turint daug knygų.
Man tai seilė tįsta į tavo sukulentus žiūrint, bet dabar apie jokius augalus kalbos negali būti. Ech :)