Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bugs invading!

Remember, I wrote about huge ant queens attacking my balcony, windows-the whole house? Well, I've managed to keep them out of my apartment. But guess what: I was taking a closer look at my plants in the balcony, when I noticed that each pot had an ant queen living in it! They have torn their wings away, which meant they are here to stay. I wouldn't mind, but these pots will be moved inside when the autumn comes. Who wants a loose ant colony (actually-more like 10 colonies) at home!?

And another kind of bug attack: two days ago I've started noticing what I think  to be clothing moths  crawling in the bedroom. Oh no, some silk dress or woolen sweater is being devoured! I went through my closed, but no trace of crime was found. Later I saw lots of moths outside the window, trying to get inside. They came from outside! But I don't think it's their mating season... And I still hope, they are not the clothes eating ones.
The only thing I can do is to close all the windows at night-it's then that they are most active. But sleeping in this heat with windows closed?!

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