Monday, July 18, 2011

Gladiolus skirt

I'm not sure whether to sell this purse. It would be in perfect condition if not for two tiny holes in the material. But I'll try to fix it. 
I'm on a huge project right now: sorting my clothes for a sale. I'm going to post photos soon. Stay tuned, so to speak. 
 Today was one of the few summer days  when ant queens fly to search for new homes. They have completely surrounded my home. I had to close all the windows and the ants watch them their wings off. Life is so strange...

Another thing I've noticed today-the string of pearls is blossoming!


GinCherry said...

lauksime :) tikiuosi si karta nepraziopsosiu :D

Akvilina said...

Eina sau kaip graziai atrodo! Ir basutes! O dirzas! As panasu turiu, tik pas mane kiskis ant sagties :)

Reda said...

GinCherry-jau rytoj!

Akvilna-kiškis gi dar nerealiau!