Monday, March 26, 2018

Tenerife part one

Guess, how many photos a person can produce during 5 week stay in Tenerife. Many... But the biggest flow was in my Instagram. Here in the blog is some more quality imagery.
 Love triangle with a view in San Andrés.
 This guy had 5 pharaoh dogs! You don't want to see the walking grounds, believe me. And no one picks up after their dogs in Tenerife. So much time spent walking and looking down at the pavement.
 If you have only been to the Southern part of the island, ferns may be the last plant on your mind. These here unfurling in the Northern part.
 Lycium intricatum, the "sea thorn" with delicate flowers.
 An amazing wall in barranco del Infierno. I found out my fear of heights is far less pronaunced than the fear of getting rocks falling on my head. 
The same gorge of Hell. There was nothing hellish about it.
 On our way to Chinamada. Lots of people were hiking on this road. Very few cars and the views were amazing.
 A lizzard! A wall in the village of Chinamada. We even spotted some geckos. But later about them.
 Dasylirion wheeleri in Puerto de la Cruz.I am guessing how old this one is.
 Love birds of the "Monkey park". I think it might be possible to film acouple of horror films here: "The attack of the guinea pigs" and "The colorful furry".
 We found this wonderful mural while entering San Andrés.
 The dramatic gates of the presidential palace in the capital. And my sis.

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