Thursday, November 2, 2017

Our animals

 A little update on our pets. Well, the guinea pig brothers found a loving new home. We have two cats instead as you maybe know. 
Above is the couple of Java sparrows. There is also a couple of Society finches which are impossible to take photos of.
 I like to show these two girls to kids in my daughters kindergarten. They look rather horrible, these New Guinea spiky stick insects. But they are really gentle. And I think they have gotten used to us already, because they never take up the threatening posture any more.
 These here are either Vietnamese stick insects or something else very similar.  
 Our Cornish rex cats grooming each other.
 This little one here is a real fart machine. Better not to be in the vicinity when that happens!
The window light has been abandoned due to the low temperatures. I share the same need for warmth and sun with these cats.

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