Friday, October 6, 2017

A third book with my illustrations!

 I can't believe, how sneaky the coming through of dreams is. I have always wanted to illustrate books, since I was a small kid. And here it is-3 illustrated books in 1,5 years!
This one here by Lina Bakšytė is really close to my heart. It's about the creative upbringing of a child. Being close to nature and finding fun things to do there.
 I always say-go out,go to the forest. It works miracles for me if I start feeling a bit tired, annoyed or grumpy in general. Trees have that special thing. It doesn't even need to be summer green. I have posted about looking for mushrooms in winter previously. They are more exposed and really fun to take photos of when covered in snow. 
 The book should already be available in the books stores and on internet. 

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