Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Our new Cornish rex cat just flew in

 Hello, this is Muse (a fly-English), our new Cornish rex kitten. 5 months old. So, we have two cats now. Muse is still rather shy and is very talkative. I went to Kaunas to pick her up from Noksas cattery.
She is such a poser! 
 And here is Vambola, 7 months with an orchid.

 It's still not really possible to catch them sitting nicely together as they are not that friendly with each other yet. I keep fingers crossed!

 We also had a black 2 year old male Mustik from a shelter. I think he was the sweetest cat I have ever met. A gentle giant. Unfortunately he lives with other people now. I was so allergic to him.

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