Sunday, August 13, 2017

A little bit of this a little bit of that..

 Oh, I have noticed my blog has been a bit forgotten this summer. Well, I am a slave of Instagram now.
 Anyway, I haven't been taking photos at random! We have been to Sweden, later I spent a week in Vilnius. And I have finished illustrating the third book for kids in between these trips. Funny, how life long dreams come true while one is a bit(!) unhappy to be where one is...
 So here are some digital and analog works I did on my free time. The idea of x-ray animals in dresses intrigues me. By the way, have you ever "googled" an X-ray of a hammer shark? Hilarious!

These two dogs here are not digitally made. The levrete is a paper collage and the chihuahua is obviously painted in acrylics.

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