Thursday, September 1, 2016

Traveling around Estonia. Part 4.

So, we move forward. We have been to the mines, visited Rakvere castle on the highest gear and headed for the art hotel in Viinistu.
Probably the equivalent to a garage door and an entrance. Rakvere castle.
This one was rather high up on a hill.
I just had a quick run around. But I just had to visit the big sculpture of a bull situated on the same hill.

Huging some big boulders on the way to the seaside was mandatory...
The view in the hotel room in Viinistu art hotel. There was a faraway lighthouse visible on a distant island.
I not sure if it would have been possible to have a dip in close proximity to the hotel. We didn't look hard enough though.
The view the next morning. Made me miss Nida enormously!

The local fauna.

The hotel exterior. Don't be fooled by the appearance. The restaurant interior had a subtle nautical theme and the foyer had a white royale piano and oil paintings on the walls.
I think we were in the middle of a lady bird migration or something.
I am not sure what these building were for, but they were beautiful in the morning sun.
And suddenly I was on my way to Lithuania. I stayed there for a week and had a great time. Above is a relic from soviet times, a public outhouse.
Some of my friends that I miss every day.
That week was very humid and hot. I really enjoy such climate. As I don't need to lubricate my unblinking eye that often. Also I have always dreamt of living somewhere in the tropics.
I stayed at my friends home and there was this interesting and a bit disturbing stained glass window above my door.
But the traveling around Estonia will continue in the upcoming posts, as I had some friends coming over to stay with us.

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