Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Close to border

 We visited a small town of Kallaste yesterday. It is located on the western shore of Lake Peipus. The lake is so vast one can not even glimpse Russia, laying across it.
 We went there mainly for the outcrop. In Estonian it sounds like some kind of nakedness. Well, I would say it is accurate. The exposed sand is home to swallows and is beautiful. I haven't seen such formations in Lithuania, which makes me appreciate it even more.
These people are brave, to say the least. Building their house on a cliff, that is occasionally being washed with lake water.
 Oh, and the shells! Some patches of the shore were totally covered. It reminded me a bit of one place in Australia. Namely Coorong National Park, where the beach was all tiny shells, no sight of sand.

 An old jaw with removable teeth. Ancient puzle game, eh?
 My daughter is so used to being told to go and stand in some tall plants while I take photos, she started doing it without being asked.
 A storm swept through Estonia. Fallen trees on every corner. 
And  both my orchids and succulents are suffering from over watering.
 The sand walls were really spectacular. Especially the ones with exposed tree roots.
 Human made I would guess.
 A true dormitory. How do these birds manage to keep their brains inside the scull when entering a relatively small opening at a speed of sound.

 We climbed on a sand cliff and  the view took me to Nida in Lithuania in an instant.
 Curious openings everywhere...
 Pardon the quality (phone pic). More fallen trees, and entering some of the curious openings. Hanna refused in horror to go back where she has come from :-D 

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