Friday, January 15, 2016

Phalaenopsis philipinensis

I feel...privileged that I can have a plant, native to Philippines blossoming in my home, in the middle of snowy January! 
This Phalaenopsis philipinensis has been with me for less than a year and has shown nothing else, but vigorous growth and three flowers so far. And it has been traveling a couple of times to a different country, experienced drought with the buds developing. A real fighter. Though I was very careful and didn't acquire it at first as I didn't believe I could provide it with necessary conditions.
It lives in a home made orchidarium, with no watering system or ventilators. There is ventilation from two gaps in the walls though. And it has two strong LED lights above.
I had only one lamp for a while and I think it was a bit too dark even for the phalaenopsis. Otherwise the flower stalk would have arched downwards nicely instead of searching for the light above.

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