Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hand made toys

The holiday are over and I do not feel sad at all. I guess that means I am all grown up now.
Hanna got some cool animals for Christmas.
Here is mister mole from the wonderful Adatine.
Hanna has been a bit fixated on moles and their homes.
We also have a very slender fox from Adatine.

 This cat has been bought last summer, but I wanted to put all Hannas handmade toys in this post.
We bought it in Pärnu, Estonia, in a thrift shop. All the money the shop earns is donated to help homeless dogs.
It almost has the quality of a real cat.
And the last, but not least is a pony from Narplioju!
If you are interested in knitting, You should definitely check Ievas blog. Hanna has her home socks with silicon sole and finger-less  gloves, that are very practical in the kindergarten.

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