Sunday, November 22, 2015

The first snow this year and portraits of mushrooms

 There's barely more perfect thing than the first snow greeting you in the morning.
 We headed for the woods.
 Hanna insisted on making a snowman. I managed a tiny one that melted in a couple of minutes.
 My husband went on to bicycle in the forest and me and Hanna went to look for mushrooms. A bit tricky, when everything's under a blanket of snow. Just the middle part of the forest was free from it, thanks to tall firs.
 The first tiny tiny mushroom we've spotted.
 The edge of the winter land.

 The one above is my favorite.
 A bit rotten, but still beautiful.

 A kid looking for mushrooms. I taught Hanna not to pick non edible mushrooms and leave them for slugs and worms to live and dine in. She totally gets it.

 One was too perfect not to pick up though. I hope washing hands with snow helps a bit.

 The tininess of acorn mushrooms. 
 Everything starts melting.

 Wonderful lichen everywhere. Can you see the tiniest mushroom under it?
 Looks cozy even though it's garbage. Maybe it's good for something as it's opening is quite large?

 My daughter has learned quite a bit in the kindergarten. She picked up leaves and made masks all at once. Unfortunately, the leaves were too soft and wet.

The way back.

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