Sunday, September 27, 2015

Plant show. Part three.

Alright, I promise, these are the last photos from the show. But who knows, really. I am going back there tomorrow, to collect my plants. I should probably leave my cam at home.

 Another small garden.
 The miniature orchids.
 The Japanese neofinetia collection.
 True color, seriously. The background just seems to be a bit purple because of the flower.

 The nice things in the plant market...

 That one on the left is my fern lecanopteris celebica.
 The odd bulbophyllum flower. usually they have an unpleasant smell. I was careful to pick one without any for my collection...

 The roots of vanda orchids with tillandsias growing among them.

 The Lithuanian orchid seller.
 The winner vanda weighs 6 kg!

 Different succulents. Gasterias and haworthias and many more.

 The very sought after aloe-aloe plicatilis.

 A succulent terrestrial orchid.

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