Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Heat wave in August

 The whole of Lithuania thought they have missed this summer. With the temperatures constantly below 20 C, it was easy to feel still stuck in April. And then, in one day it all changed. The temps went almost 20 degrees up overnight. The whole country headed to the seaside. Traffic jams in places still far away from the sea.
 We were one of the first to get there, with the rest needing to adjust the extra vacation or something. But we lasted only two days. The heat was unbearable and the sea a bit too cold to get refreshed continually. Hanna almost got overheated.
It's funny how people crave for the beach, for the heat and do stupid things.
Also it's equally entertaining and annoying when people forget all about the snow. It comes as a surprise each winter. Traffic is late, there's nobody to plow the snow.
 Anyway. We still had those compulsory days at the beach, had some nice grilled fish, walked the 100 meters to the water, had the outside showers and breakfast. And the sunset, of course!
 The best time consuming activity.

 For the morning washing. Romantic, isn't  it?
 We were all a bit dehydrated, I think.
 The walk to the beach in Palanga the last evening. This is my favorite time at the beach. The sand is silky, the air is so still, you might think you're in some kind of a gigantic room. And the colors! If there are a few clouds it's all at once so dramatic.

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