Sunday, July 12, 2015

Visiting a few places

 After having made enough bouquets we've decided to travel around a bit, visit some small towns and places of interest around Pärnu. 

The very last of peonies.
 One day we visited Lottemaa. A theme park called Lotte village. Lots of fun stuff for children. I wont go into detail, you can find the info and more pics of the place here.
 My favorite was this room of miniature worlds or scenes. Reminds me of 3D viewer images.

 Many activities outside too. And a small train taking people from the parking lot to the village 800 m away.
 The other day we visited the town of Tori, where there is Tori põrgu-devils hole. A wall of lime stone with numerous holes of all sizes.

 A kind of lichen I have never seen before.

 Next was the place called Kurgja. An ethnographic outside museum.
 With breeds of Estonian cattle and other domesticated animals.

 A piece of cotton with ears.

 The last place was called Suure-Jaani. Big John. A town with a church from XIV century and a nice small lake where Hanna caught cold.
 More plants from the fields around the house. An Estonian orchid above.

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