Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bell's palsy and me

I think it's time to share my mixed emotions towards my paralyzed face. Right, no mixed feelings here. I wish I didn't have a brick for one half of my face. I wish I could smile fully to my daughter. And not give her that smirk, sarcastic smile or whatever one might call it.
I am worried Hanna might take after me. I'm looking for any signs of a half smile. You know how children learn while looking at you.
Though I think it's a small chance it might happen, cause it's pretty difficult to produce a smile on only one half of the face. Or lift only one eyebrow. Though I used to be able to do that cool thing. The difference is it's the other eyebrow that goes up now.

I am kidding of course. Mostly I am worried about my eye. 
It's very stubborn and wouldn't close at all. If I went to sleep without taping it at first, one could find me sleeping with one eye wide open.  Like some tough criminal or a cop, sort of on a stand by mode, in case danger is close and I should be able to grab my gun any second.

But unfortunately it's impossible to fall asleep when you still can see. 
I would go to acupuncture. The lady would leave me lying with needles like a hedgehog on my face and tell me to relax. I feel my healthy eye closing. But the damn left one would't let me rest.

I am in my fourth month of this happiness. I think a corner of the lip started moving like one millimeter. But I am not sure, cause it could be contractions as well.

Oh, and I've got synkinesis now as well. The same corner of the lip goes up when I lift my eyebrows. Ups, sorry, eyebrow.

And sometimes I get crocodile tears. Called like that cause they are produced only when eating. 

I could go on and on. But may be in the next post. It could be like a sequence of Bell's Palsy adventures!

I even had to buy these hipster glasses with simple lenses to protect my eye.

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