Sunday, April 14, 2013

Let's see the film.

  Ah, it was a very nice day yesterday.
The premiere of my film went extremely well. Thanks everybody!
People were pouring in constantly as the clock approached 5 pm.
 Some preparations had to be made. Postcards with the stills from the film. And drawing around the food and other objects.
 My dear animator friend, who helped me to create the film  waits for the opening too.

 The cakes were very yummy. I even spotted two homeless guys running in and grabbing a couple of pieces each :-D
The Bakery is called Pyraginė.
Ha ha, mark the beer can on the outside.
 Apple juice instead of wine this time...
 20 minutes left!
Time to go inside. There were a few babies in the audience too. My film is officially child friendly. Just may be not very entertaining to watch. One boy asked his mom, what kind of animation is this ? He probably missed color ! 
 The cinema hall is getting full.

The flowers after the premiere...


Akvilina said...

Sveikinu! Atrodo buvo labai fainai... Gaila nedakeliavau...

dov said...

sveikinu! ir puikiai atrodot. :)
(o brokolis puiki gėlė. tikrai)

GinCherry said...

sveikinimai :) Ir sėkmės šiam filmui konkurse ;)

Anonymous said...

Nuostabiai. Ir filmas įdomus: patiko keista, pažįstama nuovargio, namų, tamsos atmosfera, gal net svetimumo... Laukiu kitų darbų.

Reda said...

Aciu uz sveikinimus. Patricija, smagu, kad sugebejau perteikti kazka, ka ir kiti atpazista.