Thursday, February 7, 2013

Winter white

I just think it will be nice to look back at these and remember that winter is not all about misery.
My friend told me today, she sometimes films on a day when it snows beautifully. To watch it later in summer. 
She probably does vice versa as well.
We were guessing who made these (there was one more).Was it grannies or was kids? Probably they created it together. So the birds wouldn't freeze while eating. Cute, isn't it?
There have been so much shouting on Facebook about whether or not to feed animals in winter. Birds in particular.
I'm being pulled both ways. I agree, feeding poor ducks and sparrows makes us feel better about ourselves. 
And I really liked the argument on discriminating different birds by not feeding the big or "ugly" ones, like pigeons and crows. Only the cute tits, majestic swans and fatty ducks deserve our mercy. This teaches children wrong understanding about the world and nature. And the fairy tale world only confirms the misunderstanding.
Isn't this mural / mosaic pretty? !!!!

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