Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Oldie

An old water color. I gave it as a present to my grandparents a while ago. 

Don't you get this feeling sometimes, that you wouldn't be able to draw (or do other things) like you used to. 
I doubt I would have patience to draw a dress like that all over again.
I remember when lots of things were still a territory to discover. I could draw for days. 
Right now it's mostly speedy sketches.
But I'm sure it's not  my problem only. Everything spins faster and faster. My friend told me, she'd read somewhere that humans won't be able to even move any more due to the overflow of  information. Especially because of the flow on internet. We'll all be just vibrating in one spot, going crazy, but unable to even turn the head to cry for help.
It sounds comically dramatic right now, but don't you find yourself at night, reading some incomprehensible stuff just because links upon links led you there? And what is the use of  knowledge of , lets say, genetics when one only brushes the surface?

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