Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The update

 As you have probably noticed, I don't much care for anything else, but plants right now. And my film.
I am animating all day long. All of my body parts get stiff and tired. So I have to stand up now and then and go to take a look at my treasures.
Follow me...
 These little hands here are the new leaves of a Hoya Obovata.
 A kalanhoe that always gets noticed by who ever is visiting my place.

 Another plant that always gets attention. One friend said it looks like an eraser.
 Aeonium aureum.
 A bit scary Tradescantia nabicularis when up close.
 The tarantulian rhizomes of a  rabbit foot fern.
 The corner for relaxation.
 And the most recent addition to my fern collection-an ant fern lecanopteris mirabilis. It originates from Papua New Ginny.

The rhizomes are the thing to admire here. They will hopefully become larger and resemble a snail or something similar. But of course, the leaves are very pretty as well!

Here you can see more recently made photos.


Akvilina said...

Vel viskas i balkona persikrauste! :)

Reda said...

Tai aišku! Augalams irgi saulės ne per stiklą ir gryno oro reikia :-)