Saturday, June 2, 2012

I can't believe it's summer!

I've opened the warm season earlier. Probably everybody did-it has been incredibly hot.
All the plants in pots were tossed out to the balcony. And already after a couple of days lots of succulents changed their winter green into summer red!
 My tropic container. A jewel orchid and an adiantum sharing room. I used to close the bowl completely, but the fern used to rot so fast. Too poor air circulation or too much moisture. It's not easy to get the right balance.
I had to bring some of the less hardy plants inside after it got cold again a week ago . I just put them down near the window without bothering to make it nice and tidy. But later woo-ha, an opportunity for a pic .
 And this is not all of my collection on this windowsill.
  The peony and strawberry season!
I went to a swamp last weekend. It was soo pretty! Two kinds of white flowers everywhere. I even saw a bunch of local carnivorous plantsCommon sundew, Drosera rotundifolia.
It was not possible to take any pictures as we were being devoured by mosquitoes.
I got some spagnum for my orchid reanimation and may be a staghorn fern mounting. At last!


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Bantik said...

Tavo butas labai labai jaukus! augalai, keramika, stikliniai gaubtai! <3
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