Friday, March 16, 2012

About women ?

I was gonna write something about women or feminism...
An interesting coincidence - I had a gallery tour in Vilnius.
And I read one guy's loud thoughts on feminism. 
Three exhibitions were visited. 
Two of the exhibitions featured women work. Strong work. Some of them made me laugh...
Anyway, I was thinking and talking a lot about women that day. Their place in our society and so on. You know the drill.

I just can not remember what exactly I wanted to write. I can only recall one thing.
There are many feminist theories on how women could coexist with men without any bullshit. Some of them are worth putting in Sci-fi books.  I really liked this one (the author is one of the well known feminist philosophers, I just can not remember which one)-women should have their own language. Because the problems start already when a woman tries too talk like a man.

I have my own theory. 
Why not try to live like lions or elephants (I am sure there are plenty of other examples in the animal world). Females live in groups. They care for their children collectively. Males also live in groups, but apart from the females.
When the time for mating comes, males are welcomed with opened arms into the female circle. Everybody has a great time for a period of time. Later the males return to their territory after fulfilling their task.
What do you think? As statistics show large numbers of people are not capable of maintaining the monogamous relationships anyway.
And some anthropologists say that marriage was founded on a basis of slavery.

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Martyna said...

I was thinking about that recently but still no clear thoughts about that but I like your ideas.