Sunday, February 26, 2012

White cyclamen

 One of the winter blooming plants. 
This is my second cyclamen. The first one died of drought when I was in Australia.
This one shoots  flowers like crazy! 
It's time to go dormant for this species of cyclamen in may. It looses all of it's leaves then and patiently waits for the next autumn, when water arrives and it can gather all the courage for the winter flowering.
Cyclamen has another appealing feature-a tuber. You can see it in the illustration below.
It's a storage organ that looks like a flattened ...frog...?
I'd like it to be as large as possible and visible above the ground. But I like the flowers as well.

Some nice plant illustrations here.


Justė said...

koks gražus! aš turiu jau antrą ir tas toks visai varganas, lapai nutysę kaip vijoklio, krovė milijoną žiedų, bet liko vos vienas. norisi jiems tik gero, begelbėjant iš maximų, bet nepavyksta jų atgaivint :/

Reda said...

Tai gal persodink. Arba nupuvo gumbas-laistyt reikia tik is apacios. Taip pat pavasariop normalu, kad viskas nunyksta-laikas miegot iki pat rudens.