Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy or unhappy?

I swear, I can see if my birds are happy or not. Of course, you can, many would say. But I ain't talking about body language, nor the calls.
It's the eyes that give away the emotions.
In this shot the birds are very anxious.  The branch in the cage just fell down, startling poor things.
And they are never happy when I eyeball them with the lens. I think it looks like some hungry big eye to them. 
Strange enough, they are less intimidated by the camera when they are out of the cage. Probably it feels like there's more space to escape in case the eye moves any closer.
I am a bit careful letting them out lately. It's because I have provided them with greens and egg-food all winter. It makes them think the conditions for mating are perfect. So they start dragging all kind of rubbish onto the ceiling lamp. I don't like them pecking on the rug in the corridor. Lot's of dangerous things, attached onto shoe soles can be brought home ...
Let's wait for the real spring, with warmth and the sun. And then I'll give them a cozy nest to have babies in...

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