Wednesday, December 7, 2011

South Australian museum

 I visited the museum during my last days in Australia. 
This lion greets everyone who enters. I couldn't quite get if it's real stuffed lion or just a big toy. It was written somebody gave it away. I think it has never been alive.

 The Pacific collection blew my mind away!
See what people over there find beautiful:  carving vertical lines in the forehead. Above.
 Other people think it's nice to have a very long scull. Actually, I wish I had a head like that. There's never enough of the back of the head!
Mothers wrap tightly a cloth around their babies head, making it more and more elongated as the years pass. Even the facial features change...

 All the masks were truly incredible! Scary of course...
 I think this one here wins the award of the creepiest .
 I need to know more!

 These masks were made when a person died. Basically , it's a death mask.
This is what you get when there are no cameras around...

Rather recent aboriginal art. At least the materials are new. These here are made of iron plates.
Wooden shields.
 There was a beehive inside one of the rooms. And it was all glass. I could see everything! And the best part is that the bees move in and out trough the museum window, right into the city center!
 This is the highway.

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