Monday, November 28, 2011

Where the bags live

 Remember, I visited my friends in London this spring? Well, they have moved since then. A new, 300 square meters place!
Alius has now so much space for his bag workshop, expect an avalanche of all possible colors!
 The apartment is so huge, one shouldn't forget something if wandering off to another corner of the room.
I think I got a bit tired after a while.
 A part of the workshop. Leather everywhere!
 Visit Alius Makackas blog-  and don't be shy to order a bag!
 I think the whole place has a bit of Japanese touch to it...

 A photo by Xiapin/Egle Navickaite.

And-the view through the window. We think a number of films , where the action takes place in Victorian London must have been filmed in these streets!

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