Saturday, November 12, 2011

Melbourne. Part 1.

 Melbourne cup took place when we reached the city. Streets were full of dressed up women. The most significant and recognizable accessory was a hat! Take a look at the Melbourne cup fashion 2011!

A street crossing in front of the central train station.
 Like everywhere else in Australia, there was free public transport. We took a nice old tram (no. 35). The line ran conveniently around the centre.

I've packed a nice long skirt, a dress and a couple of blouses especially for Melbourne. Guess if I had a chance to wear them. Cold cold cold... One evening I wanted to cry quietly  a bit because of the disappointment and bitterness.  Not cause I didn't get a chance to wear a fancy skirt! I just wanted to get out of the jumper for a change! And I just wanted it to be warm and sunny. 
 Houses get older and smaller as we leave the down town of the city and enter the old suburbia. Window shopping as a word doesn't quite fit here...

 Sun - rain - sun - rain... C'mon, decide now!

 A very smart doggy-it's enough just to leave it there. No knots needed! By the way, all the poodles or labradodles have funny haircuts.
is it a labrador shop sign behind the dog?
 It's central jungle...
 Window-shopping continues as we have started our day too early. We're hungry and I crave for coffee. Most places open at 11-12 a.m.
 It was a very rainyPday.
Plant and flower shops. It's so expensive to buy flowers in Australia! Probably because of the fresh water shortage.

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