Friday, November 25, 2011

Eight hours in Kuala Lumpur

 It's humid, hot, noisy, dirty, confusing and most of all very different from home or Australia. But I've enjoyed it!
I had 11 hours between my flights. So instead of sitting at the airport, I took a fast train and ended up in the middle of a hot pot.
 All the streets are at 90 degrees to each other in Australia. Almost no chance of getting lost. So when I stepped out of the central train station in KL, I had no idea which way to head. Streets were above each other, twisting in all possible directions. I've planned to walk a great distance, but I understood soon enough it would be a difficult task. I didn't want to miss my plane! Though I regretted I haven't taken an extra week to stay in Malaysia. To rest and warm myself at the beach. 
 I traveled by the Rapid train (that sometimes runs above the ground-nice view!) around in the city.
 An amount of time was spent in Chinatown and around it.
 I have forgotten how Bangkok was. I always remember it as a big, noisy and smelly city. But I think it wasn't as dirty as KL. 
I ended up in a part of a town where I could see 4 streets at the same time. It was very strange to notice that I was the only woman there!
 The sunset was at 19 o'clock. But it felt as if the streets got even more jammed with people. Probably because of  the food hawkers and stalls appearing. I myself had an interesting meal, surrounded by huge gecko lizards climbing on the walls.

The last hour was spent in the modern part of the city. I took the train to the city center, to gaze at the Petronas Twin Towers.  You can see the top and the foot of the buildings.
Time to get to airport...

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