Friday, October 28, 2011

Leaving for a road trip

OK guys, I won't be on internet for a while. My friends and I are leaving for a road trip.  See the map above.
We were planing to go all the way up to Sidney, but we figured out, it's too much time in the car. A trip with frequent stops to look for local birds and stuff is preferred. 
We're gonna camp most of the time. Hope to do some couch surfing as well and meet some interesting people.
An unusual thing, but we hope to visit an exhibition by a Lithuanian artist Hairy Sock, while in Melbourne.
The funny thing is that when we tell people where we are going, they respond: oh, you are gonna be cold.
Noooo!!!! I've been a bit cold since I came here! Believe it or not!

OK then, see You in 10 days or something!

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Kasia. said...

take a lot of great pictures ! ;)