Sunday, August 28, 2011

A couple of sparrows

 This was a wedding gift. My friends got married yesterday. The most original wedding I've ever seen. I can tell You at least one interesting thing: like-they were bicycling. No limos or cadillacs...
Anyway. Above-the first try. I didn't like it. The idea was to create an old picture, all in sepia tones. The colors are OK, but not the clothes. 
So I've repainted it.

And the final thing-the framing. 
Oh, how I hate when straight lines are distorted... I need a normal camera.


Public Pervert said...

I like the first one better. But overall very original piece ;]

Akvilina said...

O kaip megstu orginalias, ir gerai kitokias vestuves! Gal kur nete yra nuotrauku? O gal pati padarei kelias?

Reda said...

Public Pervert, dėkui.
Akvilina, jei rasiu ką intike, atsiųsiu linką :-) Beje, fotografavo ten su keisčiausiais analoginiais fotkikais, kaip ir priklauso tokioms vestuvėms :-D