Monday, April 18, 2011

Plants, having difficulties

The spring is here and nature bursts into life. But I want to dedicate this post to some of my plants that are having difficulties to wake up or to get into the shape. My windows are facing north-the worst scenario for any succulent plant. So some of them become leggy or just deformed. But there is some kind beauty in it.
This is not a succulent, and it's alright. It just had finished blossoming. Death is certain for this plant-most bromeliads die after their flowers wither.

Drying up for unknown reason.

This leggy  echeveria is getting back in it's shape (the very top) and color.

A very leggy topsy turvy

Another leggy plant

Peeking from underneath...

This one suffers spider mite attack. But we are getting there!

An unhappy lithops.

A very unhappy dudlea.

A pencil cactus that won't wake up...

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