Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Estonian animals and plants

 A small town in the North of Estonia was visited last week. There was an old church there, surrounded by a jungle of these leaves.
 A detail on a door of a crypt of some kind.
 Next to a church from the 17th century. Or was it the 13th? Must check later...
 The door actually leads to a fish shop!
 You know how boys and men must grab everything? Welll my boyfriends brother just had to put his hand on that grass snake. First it played dead. Then it "peed" on itself. A horrible smell! Afterwards it twisted and hissed. I also got a chance to touch it. Warm and pleasanrt to touch. Who ever said snakes are slimy???

 In the garden. I feel a bit like an army of locust, eating everything on its way.


Ieva said...

Is nuotraukos neina nusakyti, bet gal cia buvo geltonskruostis zaltys? jie turi toki baisinga kvapa, kad nuo ranku pora dienu nebeina nuplaut su niekuo:D
ir labai linksma tavo nuotrauka tuose milziniskuose lapuose, jega!

Reda said...

Taip,taip, tas pats, geltonskruostis-grass snake angliskai. Ir ginybai apsiderge. Sakyciau, labai efektingai.