Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What has been blossoming this spring/ summer

 My orchids seem to have adopted to the new country much more fluently than me.  Lots of blooming has happened. Also some of the more stubborn orchids have surprised me.
If you have missed the image flow in my Flickr here are some reminders.
 Angraecum elephantinum  was a nice and a bit unexpected surprise. It used to tease me with that frozen in time sign of a flower stalk. 
A plastic bag over it's head seems to have done the trick, and the big, highly fragrant flower unfolded. It emits strong fragrance only at night. 
The plant "is noteworthy for its long spur and its association with the naturalist Charles Darwin, who surmised that the flower was pollinated by a then undiscovered moth with a proboscis whose length was unprecedented at the time. His prediction had gone unverified until 21 years after his death, when the moth was discovered and his conjecture vindicated. The story of its postulated pollinator has come to be seen as one of the celebrated predictions of the theory of evolution." 
Another orchid to flower for the first time was the hybrid Bapticidium "Little dragon". It's a compact plant with faintly smelling flowers.
Dendrobium farmeri threw a show for the second time in it's existence in my home. I missed the first time, but I was around the second time to witness this shower of egg like flowers. And it opened exactly before the Easter!
Dendrobium parishii opened it's flowers the second time since it has arrived to my home. It smells of ..candies or bubble gum. Faintly though.
Epicattleya "El Hatillo" has been very stubborn back at home in Vilnius. But look what happened once we've moved to Estonia! It has a funny smell. I am not sure I like it.
Well Lepanthes calodictyon actually won't stop blossoming. It puts out these fruit fly like flowers one after another. Amazing miniature!
Leptotes bicolor blossomed together with the butter wart. 
It just wouldn't blossom. But once we moved, something improved at least a bit and it popped out this tiny flower. Maxillaria shunkeana has so tiny and almost black flowers it's easy to miss them all together!
A miltonia hybrid. The patterns are innumerable as well as the subtleties of the scent.
Psychopsis papilio has been blossoming for a year now. A second flower stalk has just emerged. I lost the count of the flowers it produces on the same flower stalk over and over. I've heard it may blossom for more than 7 years in a row.
And this fellow, streching it's antenae is a Psychopsis Mariposa "Twins". It is more compact than other psychopsis, but the flower is really spectacular and big. It behaves exactly like papilio above-two flower stalks and one flower after another. But this plant has a faint pleasant scent.

This is Vanda Gordon Dillon `Lea` x V.Robert Delight Black. It has blossomed twice since I got it this late spring. I think it works as an old lady-stalker magnet. I have heard some people stop by our windows to stare a bit. 
Huge flowers. The plant is quite big as well.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Traveling in Estonia with friends

 Yes, we caught the rainbow in the end of the road.  There was no pot of gold waiting for us, but instead we got very nice weather to travel around Estonia.
Funny enough there were excavators digging at the end of the rainbow. They were the ones who found the gold, I am sure.
 My dear friends came visiting from Australia. We drove this little piece of art called Mini in style. This baby really makes people smile and react positively. Especially if three tall persons are crammed inside.

 I met these creatures in one place, called Taevaskoja.
The caterpillar is going to become a beautiful Deilephila elpenor moth some day. It was trying to scare us off by inflating it's back and showing us two fake eyes.It would have beautifully velvety if it weren't wet.
 I have never seen Anguis fragilis or slow worm in the wild. Small creature, but so powerful and smooth. Just gorgeous!
 Another day we visited small towns located along the edge of the lake Piepsi. We were gonna visit the samovar collection, but headed for a fishing museum instead.
 One warm and sunny evening was spent near Sänna Manor. There was a part of the model of the solar system. The Sun and the closest planets were close by. But the others had to be searched in 5 km radius. I can not recall how exactly that thing is called, but apparently there is one in every possible place on Earth.

 One day was spent in the town of Tartu. We were lucky to watch an Iranian comedy drama "Halal Love (and Sex)" on a screen set up in the main square one night.
We didn't find where to sit, but standing 1,5 hours was miraculously easy.
 A cup of coffee and a pavlova with sea buckthorn.
 In a cave in Helme koopad. I wish it was still possible to go all the way of the couple hundred meters. The big openings were bricked for our safety probably. Or else somebody might thinks it's a nice place to live. Just need a few light bulbs, maybe a chandelier in that corner, a monstera plant here, a Persian carpet... Ah, sorry, got carried away.
 We started our trip in Parnu. A visit to the near by bog is mandatory!
I am not sure, but this could be Nardus stricta. I would never ever mow it if it were growing in my yard!
 I borrowed Luka's infamous pigeon mask to feel a bit more at home in the woods. Though my outfit was more suitable for the Savannah.
Did you know that you should dress in light clothes if you want to spot any ticks crawling up your leg?
 Be prepared for countless moss photos! Above, I think it's Calocera viscosa. Like tiny castles of slime.
 A little path leading to a stream.
 We stopped in town Voru and had lunch. Later we spotted a really cool graffiti by Estonian artist Navi Trolla.

I am not sure what to write about this sculpture, depicting family life (Voru). This is just how the life sometimes is, isn't it?
 Another day we went south to find the gigantic gramophones in the woods.
I couldn't really hear any amplified nature sounds, but it was sure nice to just sit there and relax.
And now, massive mossiness! 

 Three structures in the middle of nowhere. Magical!

 If it weren't for the crawling carpet, I would like to have a nap in there.
 The dove got curious why nobody is helping themselves!
 The forest was beautiful. We also managed to find some chanterelle mushrooms for dinner.

 Luka is either very tired or picking up something. Or just posing in some odd way, who knows...
Ah, another beautiful creature. One of the three Estonian lizards. The slow warm was introduced to you earlier in this post.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Custom portraits

Hi! I have had a couple of fun comissions lately. 

So if you would also like to have a portrait of you as an animal or perhaps a portrait of your beloved pet: dog, cat, hamster, fish, elephant... let me know here
More info can be found on my Etsy shop page here for watercolor and here for acrylic paintings.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Wading in lotus

I have just finished another watercolor painting. Though, who knows. Are they ever finished?
It's a gladiolus antler deer wading among lotus and water lilies. I know I know, females don't have antlers, but I don't really care.

When putting together a rough sketch, I first made a long list of various water plants. But just lilies and the lotus made it all the way.
 I have no idea where this piece of paper came from. It didn't really work as watercolor paper, but I persisted.
 Some colored pencils were used too.