Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Alice in the calendar

The trip to Japan is on my mind and that's why the calendar has been coming along very slowly. I don't know why, but today I've created the falling Alice. I am not sure if people would like to see this picture on a wall... Maybe it could be February, when it's ugliest weather? But the knowledge of the upcoming spring gives hope.
I think I better leave it alone and see how the trip influences my ideas.
Have a nice day.
Btw, it snowed really much here yesterday-check my Instagram.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2017 year calendar start

 Year 2017 is going to be the year of The Fire Rooster. Each time I make a calendar, the January is dedicated to the animal of the year. So I think the first month is done. 11 more to go. I am a bit worried I can not make it in time, as I would also like to participate in an art fair in Vilnius in December. And I am also going to Japan for two weeks! 

Lots of exiting things await this year :-) The year of the Red Fire Monkey and what's left of it.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

"Beepositive" light festival in Vilnius

Last weekend was a bit crazy again. We came all the way to Vilnius to participate in the annual light festival "Beepositive". I created an atmospheric animation installation called "Blind princess searching". Key words are princess and dolphin, but the story behind the art project is far from cute or fun...
The installation was inspired by a story in a book called "Last chance to see" by Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine. 
A Chinese legend tells about a princess who drowned herself and a river dolphin became her reincarnation. The Yangtze river dolphin has gone extinct 10 years ago. I wonder where is the princess spirit now...
What kept haunting me was what has the creature's world become. The banji dolphin was birthing it's babies into a creaming, polluted, starving, deadly world until it eventually completely disappeared.
The making of the projection screen took most time I guess. Because I wanted the image to hover above the water. I didn't know how the location exactly looks, so it turned out a bit different then I planned. It was intended to be cut out, to lose the square and have only the shape of the princess. I think it would have the really spooky feeling. A woman floating in the reeds.

It was interesting to later sit in the tall grass and listen to what people had to say about the installation. The funny thing is lots of people saw a moose. Finally I saw it too. It gave me some new ideas.

I thought the frame will stand in 1,5 meter deep water. In the end it was only 50 cm. The screen was made of foam boards to make it sturdy and easy to cut. I guess I could have painted the unwanted areas too.
This video is from the night.

And now other massive and genius installations.
Polish massive and very simply done installation. The most simple things are always the best, aren't they?
Swinging lit wombs...I think...
I really liked this one. There were more installations I really liked, but I have no photos of some of them unfortunately.
Multiple D projection.
An idea for a new lamp? Very pretty.
There were gigantic colored lights projecting onto the trees. Reshaped the landscape completely. Very disorienting and beautiful.
Are we inside or outside?
My friends had a moon installation. Very quiet and still.
The party zone. I liked that area last year much more. With light in the pond and a fog machine.
I really loved how the gigantic ball was leaning against the sharp edged house. It felt as if it could pop any time.
A good idea, isn't it?
The trees were breathing heavily...
A shower curtain with an opera played to make you feel it's you singing.
Disco balls never look bad.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bristol botanic gardens

I took the buss number four to the gardens. It was a nice ride through the town.
My favorite part was the evolution of plants. This is how it feels to walk in forests in New Zealand i suppose. I saw similar fern trees in Australia too though.

The green houses had a pool with opening lotus flowers and unfolding leaves. The seed box is a true a masterpiece! Funny we only used the design for something so trivial as shower heads.

Spot a robin! It was singing happily for a long time.

All the plants were potted in pots in the greenhouses. An enormous shopping lust came over me there.
Ancient tubers of cyclamen. I wanted to hug these. My own is tiny. And it's a second one, because I killed the first one.
I hope I will one day have Aloe plicatilis in my collection. Look at the roots meanwhile.
I noticed only two orchid blossoming at the time. Coelogyne and Stanhopea.

Lotus and I have a special relationship now.
Stanhopea orchid had a nice smell. But man, the way it looks and hangs so awkwardly under the basket. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Encounters in Bristol.

Last weekend I found myself walking the streets in Bristol in UK...
I was fortunate to have my film "Guilt" participating in the Short and animation film festival "Encounters"
Big program, with lots of films and workshops. 
I fell in love with the city immediately. It was full of life, hills, colorful houses in rows and all those places to dine in.
Above the crowd is observing a work by Banksy. Which as you can see has been vandalized with blue paint.
There weren't many bicyclers in this town. Some streets were really steep. I didn't even want to think about tall the hazardous adventures one might have if they froze over.
I felt like taking photos of many dogs for some reason.
Some nice informative wall art in a really narrow hall.
From the Bristol cathedral. A magnificent lime stone structure from the 12th century.

Some fashion of the Friday night on the Saturday morning.
Everybody was just smiling. 
And isn't wonderful when strangers call you "love"?
All the bouquets were just perfect. Not a glimpse of anything ugly or tasteless. And I think that a twig of an eucalyptus fixes almost everything. Like the high heels come to aid to any outfit.
There was an antiques fair in one of the main old town streets.
So much great stuff at reasonable prices. Unfortunately I only had a small backpack with me.

Oh how I wanted to take this house constructor with a box with me!
I have an identical Chinese miniature! It looks old, so it can not be laser cut.
I love this pottery. Does anybody know what is it called?
Look at the cup with a mustache protector! If I only had one. And my husband doesn't care :-)
Ah, more great ceramics. I saw a guy stroking the owl.
Why not going  to do some birding in these heels? No need to leave the parks. I saw a wren from really up close. And listened to a robin sing in full view a couple of meters away. Robins a very shy in Lithuania. I only saw one when banding.
Where ever one looks, there is always something juicy to gaze at.
Food market. I had a Moroccan lunch in one of the small boxes. It was all padded with carpets.
Dirt graffiti!
This looks very familiar. I recognize the style, but can not remember the author. Help me out here, please.

I saw these ferns growing in a corner behind The Bristol aquarium. Didn't expect to see such exotic plants here!

I stumbled upon Cabot tower in Brandon park totally by accident. And what a view it was! The tower of Bristol university was the most massive visible building.

A morning ritual.
Another morning ritual.
The tree will soon grow out it's cage.
The Cabot tower itself. I must warn, the stairs were extremely narrow and spirally.
There was a marathon on Sunday! I was standing, looking at all those faces in agony.  Wondering, why would people do that to themselves. I even saw a guy moaning as he ran.
Little did I know I would have my small version of a marathon in Brussels airport that very evening. The bus to the airport was late, the flight to Brussels was even later. So I had to run for ten minutes with a heavy bag on my shoulders.
Pardon me, but the dogs were worth the attention. I wish I haven't been lazy and snapped that black french bulldog on a blue towel.

A detail of a table.