Thursday, August 2, 2012

The botanical garden i Tallinn

Prepare for a colorfull trip through the palm house in Tallinn botanical garden.
The rose garden was all full of blossoming roses. A sweet smell was all over the place.

The coolest flower! It is huge! The name is Aristolochia littoral.
Same flower before opening...

The blossom of Anthurium bakeri.
A leaf of a fern.
Another fern.
An orchid, called Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi.

 A blossoming eruphorbia gradnicornis. I once got a big cutting. But it withered. So unfortunate, because I really like this plants.
 Quails were running freely on the floor of the palm house. Like small rolling potatoes!
 That is how a banana looks in bloom.

Sorry for the over sweet pictures, but I have started to develop an interest toward roses as well. Thanks god I can not grow them. Yet.

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Akvilina said...

As kartais pagalvoju.... jeigu viskas, kas ant zemes gyvena, buvo sutverta/issivyste su tam tikru tikslu ir paskirtim, ir vaidmeniu, tai paziurejus i tokius keistus augalus, kartais galvoju - kaip cia taip? :)